Virtual Adviser Program

Sounding Board Virtual Adviser Program

Helping Leaders Through COVID-19

As a COVID-19 response to help small businesses get through and recover from this crisis, BoomersPlus has developed and launched a new program called the Sounding Board Virtual Adviser Program.

BoomersPlus has thousands of seasoned professionals in our national talent pool and have recruited Virtual Advisers that are crisis ready, willing and have the experience necessary to help advise businesses through these challenging times.

To ensure adherence to COVID-19 guidelines, the Virtual Adviser sessions will be phone and/or video conversations.

We are launching this program by partnering with economic development agencies who have ongoing working relationships with small businesses. BoomersPlus provides the technology and talent, and Delivery Partners like the Halifax Partnership enable the Virtual Adviser Program to reach companies in need.

The Sounding Board program is designed to match a Virtual Adviser to a business for 4-6 phone meetings over a 2-3 month timeframe. The experienced Virtual Advisers will provide advice and guidance to small businesses who have been selected by our Delivery Partners.

sound·ing board

A Sounding Board is someone you run things by and turn to for advice and guidance.

sound·ing board vir·tu·al ad·vis·er

A Sounding Board Virtual Adviser is a person with years of wisdom and experience that can remotely help advise a small business (SMB) or non-profit (NFP) as they work through the COVID-19 crisis.


Become a Virtual Adviser

Do you have expertise to share with organizations struggling to cope with the COVID-19 crisis?

Become a Virtual Adviser

Click here to sign up - be sure to indicate "Sounding Board Virtual Adviser" as one of the opportunities you are interested in. This is currently a volunteer position to address the COVID-19 crisis.
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Does your organization need seasoned professionals?

Finding talent does not have to be difficult. Connect easily and remotely with talent that’s crisis-ready.

Does your organization need seasoned professionals?

Our hidden pool of experienced executives, managers and professionals are ready to interview in a matter of days.
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A customizable business solution for a unique time

We are providing small businesses with an immediately deployable response to COVID-19 by accessing experienced Virtual Advisers affordably, remotely, and rapidly.

BoomersPlus has identified a select group of crisis-ready Virtual Advisers from its national talent pool using its proprietary matching engine and expertise.

With our Sounding Board Virtual Adviser Program, the Delivery Partner outlines the expertise that they need and BoomersPlus uses its proprietary matching engine to provide Virtual Advisers to the company in 5-10 days.

All Virtual Advisers sign a contract and NDA protecting the company requiring their skills.

For more information on the Sound Board Virtual Adviser Program please contact us at

Halifax based businesses who are interested in applying for the Virtual Adviser Program can do so at: