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Connect with Seasoned Professionals, fast.

Our nationwide hidden talent pool grows daily allowing us to match organizations to experienced talent for interim, short-term, project, advisory and mentorship roles within 10 business days.

Connect with experience today!

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    What is a Seasoned Professional?

    A BoomersPlus Seasoned Professional is an individual with 20+ years of experience, and is a trusted source of wisdom and expertise.

    A Seasoned Professional can step into critical short and medium roles and provides guidance to others based on his or her knowledge and skills.

    Their experience and strategic thinking will help your organization from day one.

    On-Demand Services

    Seasoned Pros On-Demand

    Seasoned Pros On-Demand

    We match organizations to Seasoned Pros for part-time, project based, and full-time employment engagements. Their extensive experience will have a positive impact on your organization from day one!
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    Interim Executives

    Interim Executives

    There are times when an organization unexpectedly loses an executive from the management team. Replacing that executive can take 6-12 months. We have experienced executives in our Matching Platform that can step-in and guide the team until you fill the full-time executive role.
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    Virtual Adviser Program

    Virtual Adviser Program

    Designed to help small businesses and not-for-profits work through this crisis, We match experienced Virtual Adviser to organizations for 4-6 phone meetings over a 1-3 month timeframe. The Virtual Advisers provide advice and guidance to organizations dealing with challenges due to the crisis.
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    Mentorship Program

    Mentorship Program

    We built an online Mentorship system where we recruit, train, match and report on the mentor and mentee progress.
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    Simplify experienced talent acquisition. Better than job boards, faster than recruiters.

    By providing our clients with a list of vetted candidates, we save on the cost, time and effort of advertising for job placements, while greatly reducing the administrative burden of reading and ranking resumes to determine which ones are worthy of an interview.

    Hidden Talent Pool

    Access 1000’s of highly qualified, seasoned professionals who are not actively searching job sites but are interested in opportunity and fit.

    Tiered Flat Fee

    Our market friendly fees allow you to pay a portion upfront with the balance invoiced only when you have selected candidates to interview.

    Interview Guarantee

    Innovative technology and dedicated staff match you with seasoned candidates ready to interview within 10 days - guaranteed.

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    It’s a unique way a business can fill a gap for good value, and everyone wants good value. It’s a changing world – more and more businesses need to work as lean and mean as they can. BoomersPlus.com is something you can keep in your back pocket and pull it out when you need it.

    Founding Member, Accounting Firm

    Seasoned Pros On-Demand

    BoomersPlus provides on-demand access to seasoned experts who can help you with:

    • Succession Planning
    • Human Resources
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Project Management and Logistics
    • Fundraising
    • And more…

    Seasoned Pros can help your organization in part-time, project based, and full-time employment engagements. Their extensive experience will have a positive impact on your organization from day one!

    Helping decision-makers and hiring managers quickly find executives, seasoned professionals and advisors is critical for succession planning.

    BoomersPlus is pleased to offer CFIB members a 20% discount on all services related to succession planning.

    Not a CFIB member yet? Learn more at www.cfib-fcei.ca

    Interim Executives

    Need to find an Interim Executive to fill a short-term gap on your leadership team? We help you connect with experienced professionals, fast.

    There are times when an organization unexpectedly loses an executive from the management team. Replacing that executive can take 6-12 months. In the meantime you need someone to step in and lead until you fill the full-time executive role.

    Simplify experienced talent acquisition by leveraging our Matching Platform to rapidly, objectively and cost-effectively connect with experienced executives.

    BoomersPlus partners with employers of all sizes, including not-for-profits and community organizations, to match them with qualified Interim Executives within 10 business days.

    • Board Positions
    • C-Suite
    • Senior Management
    • Turnaround / Crisis Management
    • General Management

    Quickly access a hidden talent pool.

    We needed a part-time c-suite executive and BoomersPlus was able to provide us eight highly qualified candidates within 4 business days… I would highly recommend BoomersPlus for their efficient turn-around, professional service and their ability to supply well-qualified candidates.

    CEO, Med Tech Company

    “Working with a Virtual Adviser has given me the extra support needed, especially during these times of COVID-19 where you can never get too much support. With the help of my Adviser we’ve grown our marketing strategy and have firmed up our presentation to retailers, both of which promotes more sales.”

    Owner/Founder, Brewing Company

    Virtual Adviser Program

    Whether your company is a startup, non-profit or a national scale industrial manufacturer, there are times where expert advice and guidance will determine your company’s ability to overcome obstacles and reach its potential.

    A Virtual Adviser is an experienced professional who gives advice and counsel in a particular area. They are subject matter experts who have been there, done that, and can provide counsel to organizational leaders.

    At BoomersPlus, we have hundreds of Virtual Advisers who have been vetted by us to ensure that they can meet your objectives and help leaders with challenges and issues. Please speak to us and we can customize a program that works for your organization. If you’re an economic development agency we can build a tailored Virtual Adviser Program that you can offer to your clients.

    BoomersPlus can connect you to Virtual Advisers who have helped companies:

    • Implement strategic plans and turnarounds
    • Grow their business
    • Raise capital
    • Develop existing talent
    • Shift culture
    • Design marketing strategies

    Don’t lose time finding experienced guidance. Protect your investment.

    Mentorship Services

    The knowledge, advice, and resources a mentor shares depend on the format and goals of a specific mentoring relationship. A mentor may share information with a mentee about his or her own career path, as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling.

    Ultimately, the mentor acts as a role model for the mentee, but the mentoring relationship can be beneficial to both parties involved, as well as for the company.

    Benefits of a Mentoring Program for the Mentor, Mentee, and Organization:

    • Develop more capable and effective leadership
    • Build a larger network
    • Share and develop knowledge
    • Develop new skills
    • Shape new hires and instill loyalty
    • Encourage enhanced problem solving
    • Reduce turnover
    • Positive workplace impact
    • Business growth
    • Improved productivity

    BoomersPlus has built an online system where we recruit, train, match and report on the mentor and mentee progress. Contact us to build a custom program for your organization.

    Tap into the wisdom and experience of Seasoned Mentors.

    Mentoring relationships can help focus you, inspire and encourage you, a mentor can help you learn things or new ways of seeing business opportunities. It can even open a network of contacts that you might never have had access to before. Mentors can act as advisors, sounding boards and even a good friend.