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What is a Seasoned Professional?

A BoomersPlus Seasoned Professional is an individual with 20+ years of experience, and is a trusted source of wisdom and expertise.

A Seasoned Professional can step into critical short and medium roles and provides guidance to others based on his or her knowledge and skills.

Your experience and strategic thinking will help an organization from day one.

Do you have expertise to share with organizations struggling to cope with the COVID-19 crisis?

You could be a Virtual Adviser!

This is a rewarding, voluntary position as a response to the pandemic. Click below for more information.

How We Work for Seasoned Professionals

With one free profile, access part-time, project, full-time, mentorship, advisory and volunteering opportunities as well as exclusive events, content, and lifestyle offerings tailored to you.

Identify your skills and interests to receive interview offers from the best employers without compromising the life you’ve earned. Our dedicated team will match you to opportunities tailored to your skills and objectives.


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Opportunities range from exclusive offers to mentoring, volunteering, and employment (part-time/project-based/full-time). You'll get a personalized recommendation when an opportunity matches your profile. All you have to do is opt in and we take care of the rest.



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